Sep 17, 2021

Is This a Bad Series A Pitch Deck?

It's time to fund-raise. Again. While raising our seed round, there were two repeated frustrations:

  1. Misunderstanding as a default response to new information.
  2. Focusing on the wrong details.

But as we look to raise our Series A, I'd like to see if we can improve how we communicate our company.

Let me give some background first,

The structure and our pitch on each slide

Here are more details on our slides – why we included them and what we were saying during our pitches.

0. Cover

Setting the tone with passible design and a clear description of what Rezi does. "Developing Smarter Resumes" has been our tagline from day 1 to note the importance of tech and best practices for companies that use hiring systems.

1. Problem We’re Solving

Thanks to a mature industry, we knew it was important to establish a point of view greater than just "resume software". We decided to start with some context on the industry and how we fit into this ecosystem.

What we were saying:

When you look at the industry, there certainly are gaps created by the massive scale. After all, labor underpins all economic activity. We want to be the go-to solution for creating resumes.

Again, we need to emphasis Rezi can be greater than just a resume software. This idea is the focus of the next slide.

2. Our Solution

What we were saying:

Relating the tech aspect of our software to a familiar service everyone knows and loves.

4. Revenue Model

With Rezi, we wanted to address 2 different audiences:

  1. Job Seekers.
  2. Companies.

What we were saying:

Rezi is an understandable saas product

5. Traction

What we were saying:

Rezi is an understandable saas product with a lot of growth through word of mouth, product-lead growth, and SEO

6. Go-To-Market

This type of growth is hard to come by in a consumer-facing space with significant competition:

  1. Niche-down on SEO opportunities which delivers exactly what job seekers are searching for - AI resume help
  1. Scale out through partnerships with organizations needing to help their audiences.

Rezi is located in Seoul, South Korea which creates unique markets completely locked away from foreign competitors. Attractive facts when I reassure myself South Korea makes sense to be in.

  1. Leading in college-educated young people - the graph aside indirectly shows Korea's incredible development.
  2. Leading in innovation - ranked 1st in The International Innovation Index & 5th in number of unicorn companies
  3. South Korea facing worst labor market crisis since 1997
  4. It's LIT 🔥

What we were saying:

We've thought a bit more about growth than simply focusing on building great technology. The geographical moats are paying off.

7. The Bigger Picture

What we were saying:

At this point we've made our case for B2C Rezi. From here, we go into more details on how we can raise the company's ceiling.

Industry dynamics with a focus on how technology threatens established business models and incumbent reactions to these threats. Economics 468: Industrial Organization and Imperfect Competition was the most applicable course taken as an economics graduate.

8.  The Bigger Market

What we were saying:

This slide is the answer to "What about Linkedin?'  - the industry is a big scary monster with dozens of multi-billion dollar companies, and hundreds of multi hundred-million+ dollar companies.

What we were saying:

  1. Marketplaces are about 1 order-of-magnitude more efficient market places.
  2. The multi-billion dollar recruiting monsters are hungry for tech-driven marketplaces.

9.  Team

What we were saying:

Our small team has brought the company here with complimentary skill sets in design and branding.

10.  Ask

Final thoughts

A good pitch deck doesn't matter and connections are everything. Good luck!

See the first pitch deck created in 2016 to see how the company direction changed over the past 5 years.

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