Building Rezi in Seoul.

Enjoying life in Seoul, South Korea where I am the CEO of Rezi.
I've found myself giving a ton of speeches on topics related to global employment and building startups. Recently, I've been spending a lot of time running.

About me

Life turned out a bit different than it should have for a kid of my circumstance. The influence of people who believed in my potential created situations to make sure it didn't go to waste. From high school friends that lit a path

leading me to be the first of my family to go to university. To my dad, an immigrant from France, who taught me how to code HTML when I was 16, and inspired me with his stories of a world traveled. Here's the story of mine.

About Rezi

We set out to solve a problem experienced by many of our close friends. We watched as graduates struggled to land gainful employment while the burden of student loans forced them to take jobs far below their ability.

As it turned out, most job seekers aren’t prepared to write a hirable resume.

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