Feb 27, 2023

How I Structure Interviews

I. Introduction

  • Greetings and introductions
  • Brief explanation of the purpose of the interview
  • Setting expectations for the interview process

II. Background

  • Questions about the interviewee's personal and professional background
  • Explanation of their current role and responsibilities
  • Previous experience in the industry

III. Skills and Qualifications

  • Questions about the interviewee's skills and qualifications
  • Specific projects or accomplishments that demonstrate their abilities
  • Certifications or training that have contributed to their expertise

IV. Job-Related Questions

  • Questions that are specific to the job being applied for
  • How the interviewee's skills and experience fit with the requirements of the job
  • How they approach tasks and problem-solving in their current job

V. Behavioral Questions

  • Questions that assess how the interviewee would respond to specific situations or challenges
  • Examples of past experiences that illustrate the interviewee's ability to handle these situations
  • What the interviewee would do in hypothetical scenarios related to the job

VI. Culture and Fit

  • Questions about the interviewee's work style and how they fit in with the company's culture
  • Discussion of the company's values and how they align with the interviewee's personal values
  • How the interviewee handles conflict and works in a team environment

VII. Closing

  • Questions for the interviewee about any concerns or questions they have about the job or company
  • Explanation of next steps in the interview process
  • Closing remarks and thank you