Apr 11, 2023

Using iPhone as a better Webcam - Continuity Camera

The Mac’s webcam is absolutely shit. Even in regular light, it’s no way near as good as a webcam should be. But rather than add a better camera (and bump up the manufacturing price of the Mac), Apple decided to go the software route. Not only does Continuity Camera enable better quality images, but it also allows for nifty features like Center Stage, Studio Light and Desk View. It’s actually a pretty clever solution.


Computer: macOS Ventura+

iPhone: iOS 16+

Choosing your iPhone camera from your computer:

Open up FaceTime or any other app you wanna use with your iPhone's camera. If the app doesn't start using the camera right away, pick your iPhone camera from the video or camera settings in the app. Like, in FaceTime, you can find your iPhone camera in the Video menu.


Default cam


iphone cam